"Treat the disease, you win some, you lose some. Treat the patient, you always win."
~Patch Adams~

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Depomed Fails to Win U.S. Approval for Menopause Drug

Good morning, everyone, and thank you for your patience! I got away from posting for a few weeks for a couple reasons.

1. Life. I am making some big changes in my life, and while they are positive changes, the steps involved have pretty much consumed me for the last 6-7 weeks.  I'm still transitioning, but making progress. Details to come!

2.  A lack of any newsworthy items on menopause/hormones lately.  Sometimes the news is filled with information about health studies, new ideas, and sometimes it's not.

I was not at all surprised to see this article Friday in Bloomberg News.  I wrote about this drug (Sefelsa) back a few months ago, it is a form of Gabapentin, which some of you may be familiar with as Neurontin.  I actually took Neurontin for about 4 months a number of years ago (pre-bioidentical hormone balance) for chronic pain issues, but it didn't help me with pain management.  I was perimenopausal at the time, and I know it did not help me with hot flashes (believe me, I would have remembered if it did!)

Hot flashes are caused by a hormonal deficiency, NOT a Neurontin deficiency, and not an anti-depressant deficiency.  I know my regular readers have heard me say this a number of times, but three days after I started bioidentical progesterone cream, I had no more hot flashes. None.  When articles like this use phrases like a "non hormonal alternative", I read that to say "instead of just replacing in your body the hormones that you had as a younger woman (or man) but lose as you age, we would rather fill you up with expensive, possibly toxic medications-----let's not bother treating the underlying cause of your medical problem, let's just give you drugs to mask the symptoms."   It makes me (and many other patients and their physicians) just crazy.