"Treat the disease, you win some, you lose some. Treat the patient, you always win."
~Patch Adams~

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MS (multiple sclerosis) hormone---

You will start to see a lot of articles about this ---- studies are being done to measure the efficacy of estriol (the weakest of the three estrogens) on women with multiple sclerosis. If it works, what a blessing it to the many women who suffer from MS, as it is much less expensive than the current drugs available. Click here to read the article----

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I played "hookey" today from the normal routine-----

Too beautiful a day to stay home, so I grabbed a couple friends and headed south to the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Columbia, SC (about 2 hours from my home in Charlotte). A wonderful way to celebrate spring---I just got home and now I am off to lay down with an ice pack (my back is very, very tired, but well worth it.) Enjoy these lovely pictures, and I will be back to my "regular" posts tomorrow.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Why am I so tired all the time?

Adrenal fatigue is getting a lot of press lately. I found this article on the LakeCountryNewsSun.com website -- it has some good basic information on the condition. If you want a good book on adrenal fatigue, I recommend Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue: 21st Century Syndrome (I just checked Amazon.com and it's currently unavailable---I'm going to check into why and get back to you on this one!)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don't forget-------

You only have until tonight to enter the Inner Goddess blog giveaway-----click here to see the package and leave a comment!

Vitamin D and your health

I have a free pass to post two articles today on Vitamin D-----it's raining here in Charlotte! Check out this article from the PressDemocrat.com ---- a good basic article on Vitamin D, why it improves your health, and recommendations for how much to take. I'm looking forward to getting a few doses of Vitamin D this week the "natural" way-----we are predicted to have sunshine and warm temperatures by Tuesday (which, coincidentally, is when I am making another trip to the botanical gardens with some friends!)

Nutrition After Menopause

From MSN.com----our nutritional needs change as we age and as we hit peri/menopause, read about some of those changes by clicking here!

Vitamin D Deficiency Leads to Decreased Muscle Strength

Here's one I can speak about from personal experience! Check out this article from MassageMag.com on Vitamin D deficiency causing an decrease in muscle strength. I've been taking Vitamin D3 for over three years now, and there has been a definite increase in my muscle strength (testosterone cream helps also.)

No Vitamin D to be had from the sun here in NC today, but the rest of the week is looking good. Have a good week, everyone!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Facebook Fan Page!

We have a Facebook Fan page, so if you are a Facebook user (or know someone who is) be sure and check it out by clicking here. Also (again if you are on Facebook) we have a group called Holy (bioidentical) Hormones!

Women are more susceptible to migraines

I never had "migraines" per se, but I used to have terrible headaches about 5 days before my menstrual period started. We know that estrogen can affect arteries, so I was interested in this article from TampaBayOnline.com on women and migraines. I have personally spoken with people who got great relief from progesterone cream (remember that progesterone counteracts the bad effects of estrogen). Have a great day, everyone!

Action Alert - Ask Congress to Change Health Care Reform Language

I received this email today from P2C2.com (Patients and Professionals for Customized Care). If you have not been over to their site, do go check it out, they do a great job of keeping the public informed about legislations, etc. relating to compounded medications.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Contact your members of Congress to have them correct language that could limit patient access to compounded medications!

Millions of Americans have unique health care needs that off-the-shelf prescription medications cannot meet. For them, personalized medication solutions—mixed safely by trained, licensed pharmacists—are the only option to achieve the desired health care outcome.

Last summer we successfully lobbied the House of Representatives to change language grouping compounding pharmacists in the same category as manufacturers. Unfortunately, in the recently passed health care and budget reconciliation measure, H.R.4872, the language was changed and reverted back to the original language of “manufacturing” to include compounding by pharmacists. In other words, this language (included in the physician’s “sunshine” provisions of the bill) would include the practice of pharmacy compounding under the definition of manufacturing and could subject the practice to an entirely new regulatory administration. This could have a direct impact on what compounders must do to comply with the law and could limit patient access to compounded medication.

We urge you to contact your federal legislators (both House and Senate Representatives) and ask them to reverse their decision. Please insist that they exclude the practice of compounding from the definition of manufacturing.

The Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Supreme Court, Congress and virtually every major association of health care professionals and patient advocates recognize the value of compounding as an integral component of contemporary pharmacy practice. These pharmacists work with physicians, nurse practitioners and veterinarians to create customized medication solutions for patients and animals whose health care needs are not met by manufactured medications.

Experts: A third of breast cancer is unavoidable

Hoo, boy, this article from the AP.com is going to cause lots of controversy. I'm estrogen dominant, so I take progesterone (bioidentical cream prescribed by a physician) to counteract the negative effects of estrogen. I am far more careful about what I eat, but I still need to lose a lot of weight (down 80 pounds but still quite a ways to go).

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is all over the news this morning----click here for USAToday.com's report on how much exercise middle age women need daily to maintain their weight. I do exercise an hour a day at least 4-5 days per week, but I think I need to step it up a bit (literally). Now that the weather is warmer, I am looking forward to getting some walks around my subdivision (and just a tip, I use Nordic walking poles to increase my cardio). Make it a great day!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Foster a yes on health care

Check out this article from the Chicago Sun-Times....paragraph 4 in particular.....some insurance company denied a woman coverage because menopause is a pre-existing condition!

Friday, March 19, 2010

My very first blog giveaway!

I was so pleased to be contacted by the Blogspark and Yoplait yogurt folks a few weeks back---asking if I would like to "test drive" a new product, Youplait Greek Yogurt. I said yes, and received an absolutely lovely gift pack in the mail called "Your Inner Goddess"..........
Included in the pack were two coupons for free cartons of Yoplait's Greek Yogurt, so off to the store to pick up my samples for tasting. There are four flavours available, and I chose strawberry and a honey vanilla.

I took the strawberry flavour (along with several spoons) to my Quick Fit class at the Y and asked several of the ladies to try it out and tell me what they did or didn't like about it. Three of my "fitness mates" tried it out, and all three loved it. Comments included: "Oh, good, the strawberries are already mixed in", "sweet, rich flavour", "very smooth, not chalky like some yogurts". I loved it----and I will be honest to tell you I am not a huge yogurt fan. I often find yogurt "chalky" or watery, but this Greek yogurt was rich, smooth, and flavourful.

I am as I type this snacking on the honey vanilla flavour. I opened it up and it does need to be stirred to be mixed, but it's worth the effort. I generally shy away from vanilla as it's often bland, but this tastes like a french vanilla pudding. When I bought it, I thought if it was too bland I would dress it up with either a banana or perhaps some cinnamon (not both), but on it's own it tastes great. I am definitely going to stock up on this stuff next trip to the grocery store--it's a good snack for me when I get home from the gym or when I have "quiet time" in the afternoon.

I'm taking this nutritional information directly from the honey/vanilla flavour carton:

Calories 130, total carbs 19g, sugars 18g, protein 12g. It's fat free, and the label says it has 2x the protein of the leading yogurt.

The best news is (drum roll please)-----I have a gift pack to give away to one of my blog readers! Included in the pack are all the items you see in the photo above: a towel wrap, loofah, bath sponges and brushes, slippers, and two coupons ---each for a free carton of Yoplait Greek Yogurt in the flavour(s) of your choice.

All you need to do to be entered for a chance to win is leave me a comment below, telling me what you currently do for your "inner goddess" (or inner god for my male readers!). The contest will end on Sunday, March 28 at midnight Eastern time. I will then use a Google random number picker to choose the winner, and the package will be shipped to you directly from the nice folks at Blogspark.

OK, everyone, get busy thinking about what you do for your inner goddess---for me, take your pick, it's knitting, exercising, or meditating! Have a great weekend, and don't forget to enter!

High Natural Estrogen Might Raise Women's Stroke Risk

You've heard me talk a lot about estrogen dominance, and the need to balance out high levels of natural estrogen with some (bioidentical) progesterone---here's another reason why.....click here to read the article from HealthScout.com.

I (think) I'm comfortable announcing it is finally spring here in NC----the temperatures are going to hit 70 today and 75 tomorrow, the birds are chirping, I hear the sounds of golf bags being hoisted into car trunks---yep, definitely spring! I would be out right now taking a walk around my development if I weren't nursing a bit of tendonitis (I think that's what it is) in my right ankle---went to deep water aerobics today to get in a workout. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Treating Vitamin D Deficiency Significantly Reduces Heart Disease Risk, Studies Find

And here's another reason to have your Vitamin D level (by the way, for new readers, Vitamin D is not a vitamin, it's a prohormone) checked, and if you are deficient, to start taking supplements---click here to read an article from ScienceDaily.com.

When estrogen dominates

A quick little article for your reading pleasure from MapleRidgeNews.com---the subject is estrogen dominance. Wow, I went down the list of symptoms---crap, have them all (sigh). Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lilly receives exclusive rights to commercialize Acrux's testosterone solution

This kind of article makes me shake my head----yeah, let's get a patent out there on some new form of delivering testosterone to men who are deficient in the hormone---at I am sure a huge cost to the patient and/or their insurance companies. This kind of crap is part of what is driving up the cost of healthcare! For goodness sakes, how hard would it be for doctors to learn to correctly prescribe some bioidentical testosterone in cream form----I'll guarantee getting it through a compounding pharmacy, without the big profit for big Pharma, will make it a more cost efficient treatment.

Good news for bald men at last: Hair loss 'almost halves the risk of prostate cancer'

I haven't featured an article on testosterone in a while, but this one from TheDailyMail.com caught my eye (it's from Great Britain). It explores the relationship between male balding, testosterone, and the risk of prostate cancer. Check it out by clicking here.

Women's Chromosomes May Affect Blood Pressure

Well, this is kind of neat to know (I have hypertension, I'm off the blood pressure medication now except for a mild diuretic---the hormones and the fact I work out 6 days a week really brought it down---I check it about five times a week). Check out this article from HealthScout.com-----and don't forget to monitor your blood pressure (I have a home monitor)--even if you have never had high blood pressure before, you might now (especially if you are feeling awful/are gaining weight, feel moody, etc.), and hypertension is nothing to fool around with.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Testing if vitamin D lifts winter blues

Here in NC, we are nearly at the end of winter (thank goodness, relatively speaking, it's been a rough one!) but I was intrigued by this article from UPI.com. I had pretty severe seasonal affective disorder when I lived in Upstate NY, in fact, I had one of those special lights that you sit under each morning as "light therapy". For the record, I take 5000 IU's of Vitamin D3 daily, with my doctor's blessing. Have a great day (it's sunny here in NC today).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some with MS already use estriol - if they can get it

Articles like this make me want to grind my teeth (into the nearest FDA official!). Estriol is the weakest of the three forms of estriol, and many women (including me) have been successfully using it for vaginal dryness. Works great, it's cheap, and my insurance covers it. It breaks my heart that so many MS patients who could benefit from using it are denied by doctors who are scared of the FDA, or don't know enough (and apparently don't take the time to learn) about the efficacy and safety of this hormone. Check out this article from the PhiladelphiaEnquirer.com for the complete story.

Stress: sex is the first casualty

It's interesting that stress affects both men and women sexually---but in different ways. Check out this article from the TimesOnline.com to learn more!

Take a mind-body approach to treating depression, anxiety

There's a reason anti-depressants are huge money makers for the drug companies---it seems like half the world is on them at one time or another. I am not saying there is never a need for antidepressants, but ladies, as we reach peri/menopause, what we have is a hormone deficiency, not a Celexa/Paxil/Wellbutrin/Effexor deficiency! Check out this article from the TimesTranscript.com ----- some good information about the underlying causes of depression and factors to look at (including hormonal changes). I spent literally years on antidepressants before I got my hormones balanced. I have not taken an antidepressant in about 3 1/2 years (it was the last drug I weaned from after getting my hormones back in order).

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Check out this post from Rosie Brown!

If you are not reading Rosie Brown's blog already, I highly recommend it. She has written a terrific book called Stop The Needless Suffering, you can order it from her website or through Amazon.com. Her blog entry for today emphasizes the importance of self-advocacy, and not just taking a doctor's word as gospel. Most doctors are good, caring practitioners who work hard to take care of patients to the best of their ability, but there are also a few "I know what's best" practitoners out there who can make life miserable.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Exercise can help with menopause symptoms

Wow, talk about serendipity--I just walked in the door from my exercise class at the Y, sat down at the computer, and this article from Tricities.com popped up! The article details some of the reasons that exercise helps with menopausal symptoms, and it also provides you with a link to the Mayo Clinic's article on menopause. Now I need to go rehydrate and get on with my day----make it a great one!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm back on Facebook!

Hi everyone, I am finally back on Facebook as a fan page --- named Holy Hormones, of course! Be sure to check it out and become a fan, I will be posting articles on the page at least three days a week. There is also a link to the Fan Page on the right side of the blog.

There's an app for that!

I love my IPhone, but I know I have far less downloaded on it than a lot of people. I ran across this article in the Charlotte Observer ---- it lists a bunch of different IPhone applications that can help you learn more and/or keep track of your health. I am particularly intrigued by the fifth one down on the list - iMedical Lab Tests - gives you the "normal" lab values for a bunch of different lab tests your doctor might order. I get questions about "normal" hormone levels all the time. Enjoy!

What lies behind the vitamin D revolution?

OK, I know, this article from Cortlandtforum.com is a little technical, but very interesting for those of you with a science/health background. I have neither, but was able to understand most of it, this might be a good one to run off and take to your doctor if he/she balks at testing your Vitamin D levels.

Baby boomers awakening to symptoms, risks of sleep apnea

I'm including this article from the Palm Beach Post.com because this is an issue that can hit women around the time of peri/menopause, and many are not even aware of it. Sleep apnea can have a significant impact on your life, as most of you who have experienced it can attest to----chronic lack of sleep will, without a doubt, impact your health and your quality of life. If you suspect you may be suffering from sleep apnea, or you can't stand your partner's snoring, talk to your health care practitioner and get tested!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Breast cancer survivor credits vitamin D for recovery

Now, give me credit everyone, I don't think I have posted a Vitamin D article in at least a week (which may be some sort of record for me!). I enjoyed reading this article from HealthZone.ca about a woman who feels that Vitamin D has helped in her fight against cancer. The article has some good information about the benefits of Vitamin D (remember to take D3 for better absorption----it's even available at Walmart). Now, you will have to excuse me for the rest of the day-----the temperatures here in NC are in the mid 60's and I'm going out to take a walk and get some sun!

Post-menopausal symptoms making intimacy impossible

I ran across this article in the TorontoSun.com ----- thought it was important to post for a couple reasons. Ladies, if you are having intimacy problems with your partner, you are NOT alone. You would be amazed at the number of women who write to me telling me they have not had intercourse in years, and that it is having a serious effect on their marriages. There is help out there, but you need to be able to talk to your doctor about the problem. If you (or your doctor) are uncomfortable, think about getting another doctor. Sexual health is important. One of the solutions mentioned in the article is a localized estrogen cream---it's called estriol. I use it for vaginal dryness and it works fine. It is by physician prescription, but it's inexpensive and available at any compounding pharmacy (and my insurance does cover it, check your own carrier for coverage).

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Link Between Vitamin D And Skin Cancer

A Henry Ford Hospital study has shown a link between Vitamin D levels and basal cell carcinoma, a finding that could lead researchers to better understand the development of the most common form of skin cancer. Click here to read the rest of the article----

Friday, March 5, 2010

Study explores effect of breathing technique on hot flashes

I am a huge fan of deep breathing----I have used it to help with anxiety and chronic pain. I'm a little more skeptical about its effects on hot flashes.......but I think this study, outlined in this article on IndyStar.com, is fascinating. At the very least, the deep breathing techniques are likely to help the sometimes overwhelming anxiety that hot flashes can exacerbate.

Finally, a spring like day in NC----I'm so looking forward to getting out for a walk (good for my bones, and even more importantly, good for my spririt!) Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What are the symptoms of adrenal-gland fatigue?

I get this question a lot ----- and I have a particular interest in it since I have adrenal fatigue myself----check out this article from the Hearald.ie about the signs/symptoms and treatment of adrenal fatigue.

Fast Forward to Old Age, Please

From Michelle Slatalla at the NYTimes.com------a story about menopause that most of us can relate to! I wonder if she has heard about bioidentical hormones yet-----hmmm, maybe I should send her my list of suggested reading........

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Menopause increases heart risk

Check out this brief article from UPI.com----and be aware that the signs of a heart attack are often different for women than for men. And here's another reason to consider BHRT---my cholesterol levels have dropped 75 points since I started on the bioidenticals---and since I am exercising now 6 days a week, I know I am heart healthier! Now, if we could just get it to stop snowing in NC so I could go for a walk (sigh)--------

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hot-flash fitness

Oh, wow, wouldn't it be great if we all had access to such a great fitness program? Check out this article from The Ottowa Gazette --- pay particular attention to the types of exercises this article talks about ---- strength training, balance, cardio.

TV Alert!

Dr. Christiane Northrup: Menopause and Beyond - New Wisdom for Women------I just found out this show is being shown on our local PBS station WUNG (Charlotte, NC area) on Sunday, March 7 from Noon-2 pm. Thought I would give you a heads up, this is definitely a case of "check your local listings" for the time and day in your area. Many of you will remember Dr. Northrup from her appearances on Oprah, and Dr. Northrup has written a number of books, including The Wisdom of Menopause.