"Treat the disease, you win some, you lose some. Treat the patient, you always win."
~Patch Adams~

Monday, October 21, 2013

Jars for your hormonal creams!

Hi everyone, no, I have not forgotten you! Life has been a little chaotic lately.  I'm still in physical therapy for my right arm rehab (for those of you who don't read this blog regularly, I broke the arm in a fall at the gym in early August).  I do very little at the computer on the days I go to PT, it is helping me regain the strength in the arm, but boy, does it hurt afterward!

I have very good news, however, I had a DEXA (bone density) scan last month, and it is normal!  I do have some localized osteopenia in my right arm because I have had a large plate in that arm for 21 years, but the osteopenia is localized, not systemic.  I will write a more detailed blog post later this week (along with a good link that explains how to read your DEXA scan), but wanted to share the good news with you!

I know many of you, like me, use creams as your method of taking one or more of your hormones.  I use progesterone cream several times daily, and it comes from the pharmacy in large jars that are too cumbersome to carry around.  At one time, I was able to get small jars with screw on lids from the pharmacy, but they no longer have them and the ones I had were getting worn out.  I finally found some that fit the bill............through Amazon.com (they have everything!.

Here is the link for the smaller jar (came in a package of 10).  The jar holds 1/2 ounce, which for me is about 8-10 doses of my progesterone.  The jar is 1 1/8 inch high, and 1 3/4 inches in diameter. I also used one of these smaller jars to keep some coconut oil next to my bed, much better for chapped lips than lip balm (I use it on my cuticles too).   The larger jar on the right holds one ounce (good size if you want several days worth of cream to travel with) and this jar is large enough to hold a day's worth of supplements for me.

Hope this helps, I accidentally left the little jar I was using with progesterone at a friend's house, and it made me nuts to not have it in my purse for a couple days!  I am usually out and about around lunchtime, which is when I take my second dose of progesterone.

Hope the weather wherever you are is as lovely as it is here in NC-----but I must say, it was a little nippy this morning!  I think the low hit just below 40 degrees.  Our leaves don't hit peak colour for another week, but the trees are showing signs of turning.  Love this time of year.  Enjoy!