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~Patch Adams~

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Didn't even know this site existed!

I knew there was a Ratemyprof website for students to rate their college professors, but until this article popped up on the Yahoo News site, I did not know there was a site for rating a doctor. Good thing I don't live in the past, boy, could I vent about some of the jackass doctors I've had in the past. However, I am now one blessed puppy to have two excellent physicians, Dr. Mark Hines is my pain managment physician here in NC, and Dr. John Carr, of course, is my BHRT doctor in CA. I did the rating for Dr. Carr just a few minutes ago, comments are limited to 1000 characters. This is what I wrote:

Dr. Carr's extensive knowledge of bioidentical hormone therapy is why I travel from NC to CA to remain his patient. He listens to his patient, takes time needed to deal the concerns, and is one of those rare physicians who treats patients, not lab results. Since under his care, the quality of my health has dramatically improved, and I credit his help, along with the biodentical hormone replacement therapy, with the improvements. Our health care system needs more professionals who are willing to think outside the box in terms of treatment modalities. Dr. Carr is also very knowledgeable about supplements and the lifestyle changes necessary to live an active, healthy, long life. He practices what he preaches, takes care of himself, takes BHRT, and works out regularly. As a patient, I find that comforting. Do yourself a favor, you do not have to feel sick and tired all the time, explore the benefits of bioidentical hromones and make an appointment with Dr. Carr.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of these sites! I'm not sure what to think, in some ways they can be useful, but the anonymity is a little disconcerting. I know a lot of women are still burning up the Oprah.com website trying to find recommendations for bioidentical hormone doctors with varying degrees of success.

If I didn't find satisfaction, I wouldn't leave a comment on a website, but I would likely write the doctor a letter telling him why I wouldn't return to his practice (and I have done this). In one extraordinary instance, I blew a doctor in to the Social Security Administration, my Congressman and Senator, and the State Medical Board, and he got fired, but it was because he had received multiple complaints. It was a long time ago, and although I was ultimately relieved to find that he was no longer working at the facility, it was an emotional, upsetting situation and I hope to never have to repeat it.

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