"Treat the disease, you win some, you lose some. Treat the patient, you always win."
~Patch Adams~

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Attorney General Seeks Closure Of HRC Medical (TN)

If you are a patient at HRC Medical at any of the TN locations (I believe they are located in Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville), you need to check this article out from NewsChannel5.com.  The station did an investigative report on HRC Medical earlier this year, and the TN Attorney General's offfice has taken action based at least in part due to the findings of the investigative piece. 

Also, there are issues with HRC Medical in the state of NC.  This letter to Dan Hale, the now retired head of the company, from the Attorney General of the state of NC, is interesting reading.  I've gotten a number of complaints about the NC centers located in Cary and Charlotte. 

On another topic, I am certainly aware of the issues with the fungal meningitis in the news recently and that the steriods injected came from a compounding pharmacy.  Please bear in mind this was one pharmacy, and from what I have read and researched, this is not the norm for compounding pharmacies.  I am compiling a list of ways to check out the safety record of a compounding pharmacy you may be considering, and I will have a post about it up shortly, hopefully by the weekend.  Also, you are hearing a lot in the news about how "lax" the FDA is on compounding pharmacies. That's very misleading, that's like saying the FDA is far too lax in handing out driver's licenses -------- compounding pharmacies are not under the jurisdiction of the FDA.  Pharmacies, compounding and otherwise, are regulated by state pharmacy boards.  Much more on that, too!