"Treat the disease, you win some, you lose some. Treat the patient, you always win."
~Patch Adams~

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pink Ribbons..........

There's an interesting program coming up on LOGO TV this coming Thursday, September 11:
6:00 AM Pink Ribbons Inc. TV-14

Breast Cancer affects the lives of millions of Americans every day, and the disease has become a hot-button issue for corporations seeking to support a cause. But where does all the money raised in the name of Breast Cancer actually go? This feature-length documentary delves deep into the money trail behind the scenes, uncovering startling truths...

A lot of people would be surprised to find how vehemently a lot of breast cancer patients object to the pink ribbon hoo haa every October.  It is often known as "Pinktober" and not in a nice way.......and it is important to know that far too often, the pink ribbon merchandise hawked in October (and throughout the year) gives very little, if any, of the money from the sales of the branded merchandise to breast cancer research.  I always roll my eyes when someone hawking pink ribbon merchandise goes on and on about how "we are raising awareness of breast cancer".  Really? If you aren't already aware of the existence of breast cancer, I'm not sure you belong out in public unsupervised.  I am a huge advocate of regular mammograms (have you had yours yet this year.....if not, put it on your list to schedule one this week!) and monthly breast self examinations.  It makes me sick to see corporations making huge amounts of money from a very gullible public.

On the same note, check out the book Pink Ribbon Blues by Gayle Sulik.  You will never look at a pink ribbon merchandise display the same way.

Good thing I got my swim in early this morning, as right now the skies look like we are ready for an impending thunderstorm.   I'm struggling with back pain today, so although I have gotten a fair amount of little stuff done around the house, it seems like it has taken forever as I am taking frequent breaks with a heating pad.  I need to step up my core workouts, and get back on my balance ball, as I know my back doesn't hurt as much when my core is strong.  Have a great week everyone, hard to believe we're into the second week of September already!