"Treat the disease, you win some, you lose some. Treat the patient, you always win."
~Patch Adams~

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014 (will this month never end?!??!??!?)

I feel (a little) bad about whining about winter......I live in the Southeast, and our winter has been nowhere near as severe in terms of cold and snow as up north.  However, I live in the Southeast to largely avoid winter, so....I'm whining. I have said at least  half dozen times in the last week that I am afraid that January will never end this year.  So that whooping and hollering you hear next Saturday will be me turning the calendar page!

Speaking of turning the calendar page, you do all know that February is Women's Heart Health Month, right?  And you know that we are all going to wear read on Friday, February 7 to honour all women who have a heart (yes, I know, we all know a few women who are heartless, and let's keep them out of our lives so our hearts can remain healthy and strong!)  Check out the National Go Red For Women Campaign site.  I have given (and am planning to give those I haven't seen yet) my friends dark chocolate bars wrapped in red paper to celebrate the month------each year I give out a little red themed gift to tell those I care about how much they do for my heart and my spirit.

Next topic is not exactly "hormonal" but I think most of us will agree that one of the little "joys" of post menopause is dry skin.  Particularly in the winter, I swear I can hear my moisturizer suck right into my skin, and dry feet make me nuts.  Here in NC, I can start wearing sandals at least part of the time about the end of March, so I do everything I can to avoid the dreaded "lizard feet".  I have used and continue to use CeraVe cream (available at your drugstore, big box store, and on Amazon).  However, the elevated cold and associated dryness in the air has made my skin dryer than normal this year, and while I was browsing in Walgreen's last week I came upon this (in the foot care aisle):

It kind of reminds me of a lip balm for your heels. I have been using it for about five days now, and I swear my heels feel a little softer!  I can't remember the price exactly, I think it was about $7.50.

I'm going to say this publicly-----I am again drinking way too much diet soda.  I know better, I know the bad effects of diet soda and I was so proud of myself for giving it up completely for almost three months last year.  Even when I started drinking it again, at first is was only when I was out with friends, etc.  I cut down again last summer, and was almost off it about the time I broke my arm------------and then the stress of the fracture, recovery, the problems with the arm, stress and anxiety issues.......    No more excuses, I am going cold turkey again tomorrow. Wish me luck. I have a fruit infusion pitcher on its way from Amazon, which I hope will help in the transition. I don't drink coffee, and I only drink tea when it's really cold.  Wish me luck!

We are going to be back down into the single digits at some point this week........but I know in almost 56 years, spring has never failed to arrive sooner or later (and that's from someone who spent over 40 years in Upstate NY!)  Have a wonderful week, everyone!