"Treat the disease, you win some, you lose some. Treat the patient, you always win."
~Patch Adams~

Monday, April 18, 2011

Made-to-order medicine

If any of you live in the Philadelphia area, you may want to check out this program discussed in this article from Philly.com . Doctors/healthcare providers who practice with bioidentical hormones are integrative medicine providers --- integrative medicine includes the mind, body and spirit as important pieces of overall health.
Two points:
Paragraph 2: "But it's not just the pellets - containing estradiol, testosterone, and progesterone - that foster her sense of well-being." I have an email in to my own doctor on this for clarification - I am pretty sure he told me that progesterone is likely never to be available in pellet form, as the molecule that makes up progesterone is too "oily" to be absorbed well intramuscularly. I will update this as soon as I hear back from him.
Paragraph 18 "Not everyone in the field agrees. Harvard emeritus professor Arnold Relman insists integrative medicine is "all nonsense." "I believe it's a whole collection of things said to be effective that have never been proven or tested. When patients who are tired or depressed or have no energy say they feel better" after trying integrated medicine, "it is only a placebo effect. They'd be better off going to church or joining an exercise program. Medicine is for people who are sick, not for people who are unhappy. This is just a waste of money." Placebo effect? Are you kidding me? My blood levels are so much better on bioidentical hormones, I am off 7 medications, my DEXA scan shows I no longer have osteopenia, and this is all a placebo effect? I would love about 15 minutes of uninterrupted conversation (one sided, with me talking) with this doctor. This sort of stuff drives me nuts. Thank you for allowing me to vent.

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