"Treat the disease, you win some, you lose some. Treat the patient, you always win."
~Patch Adams~

Friday, July 27, 2012

Physical function poorer after menopause: study

How ironic, I was just moaning to myself that today is a weight workout day at the gym (I'm fine once I get there, but I do not like working with weights....boring).....and This article from Reuters pops up.

I'm not at all surprised by the results of the study. Menopause (without bioidentical hormone replacement) causes weight gain, mood swings, sleep disruptions (who wants to exercise when you are exhausted), and cognitive impairment (when you can't get out of your own way.). I've seen a great many instances of this among my friends, women in their 50's and early 60's who act like old ladies because they can't get around. They are less mobile and energetic than the ladies at water aerobics who are in their 70's and 80's!

Bottom line, slow the effects of aging by getting your hormones (bioidentically) optimized, and then do as much as you can to stay active in both mind and body. Off my soapbox and off to climb into my gym clothes.

Have a great weekend!
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