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~Patch Adams~

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Earlier Hormone Therapy Elevates Risk of Breast Cancer, Researchers Say

I saw this article from the NY Times on my newsfeed this morning, and with a little research, a dozen or more similar articles popped up on the Internet. Read the article CAREFULLY---and take two things away from it: a) this British study was not a randomized trial, it was an observational trial, which means the women involved made their own decision as to whether to take hormones or not, and most importantly b) the study does not talk about BIOIDENTICAL hormones----check out paragraph 7, which clearly states "in women who started taking the most commonly used hormones — estrogen combined with progestin" ----- the estrogen is likely Premarin/Prempro, which as my regular readers know is horse urine (not bioidentical unless you are a horse), and progestin is a drug, synthetic, and is NOT to be confused with progesterone, which is bioidentical (sorry for all the caps today, need to make my point!)

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  1. Great blog and thank you for mentioning Bioidentical Hormones! We really want women to make educated decisions and more often than not, the correct information is not easy to find. As always, great blog!
    Meaghan from Balanced Hormones and Health