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~Patch Adams~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Testosterone and Sex: What Women Should Be Talking About

We have not had an article about testosterone on this blog in a while-----and it's an important part of hormonal balance for both men and women. Remember, men and women have exactly the same hormones, just in different amounts (that's what makes the world go round!) I take testosterone cream once a day, it's compounded and only available by prescription.

I ran across this article today in TheHuffingtonPost.com and it has some interesting information. A couple of points I want you to be sure to read:

At the end of paragraph 4 ,the author states that saliva testing for testosterone levels is thought by most experts to be a waste of time. My doctor agrees, he tests blood for testosterone levels.

Paragraph 11 - in most cases, there is more than one factor involved in female sexual dysfuntion. Consider lifestyle changes along with hormonal balance. Most women in the peri/menopausal transition are often juggling a myriad of responsibilities: work, husband, home, children, elderly parents, hormonal imbalance, sleep deprevation ---- you get the picture.

Third paragraph from the end-----read. it. Seriously.

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