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~Patch Adams~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Multivitamins And Vitamin D Place Second, Third; Fish Oil Big Usage Winner 2010

One of the (many) things I love about my BHRT practitioner is that he evaluates each patient on an individual basis and decides what vitamins and supplements they need to optimize their health. It's something every doctor should do, not just hand patients a standard "one size fits all" list of vitamins and supplements to take.

With the bioidentical hormones and Vitamin D supplementation (I was hugely Vitamin D deficient) I was able to reverse my osteopenia. I don't take calcium, which surprises a lot of people. I also take a supplement called Cardio B (by Ortho Molecular---I get it through Dr. Carr's office) which helps keep my homocysteine level (stickiness in the blood) optimal. I take several other vitamins too, and have my blood levels checked regularly.

I enjoyed reading this article from MedicalNewsToday.com ---- according to a study done by Consumer Lab, Vitamin D is the most popular single Vitamin in the US (not surprising, although I am still amazed at how many of my friends---many older than me----have not had their levels checked).

One other note. I'm a little fanatical about making sure both of my doctors (my hormone physician and my pain management physician) know about any vitamin and/or supplement I am taking. Please, please----keep your doctor in the loop about any new vitamin or supplement you are taking, either on the recommendation of another doctor or on your own. There are some medication that can be affected by certain vitamins and suppments, so it's important to keep a list of everything you take, prescription and otherwise, and share it with your healthcare provider.

I hope everyone is staying safe----that storm earlier in the week hit an awful lot of people (fortunately it missed NC) and I have seen pictures on TV that look pretty nasty. I am from Upstate NY so I know how miserable winter storms can be. Hang in there, spring isn't too far off.

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