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~Patch Adams~

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Watch Out! Medications That Interfere with Certain Birth Control

I've posted articles like this before on the blog----but not in quite a while. For those of you who are still taking birth control pills of any type, it's extra important that you talk to your healthcare practitioner about any new medications you are taking. As this article from Empowher.com points out, certain medications can affect the efficacy of birth control pills (and at the peri/menopausal stage of life, I am guessing an unexpected pregnancy would not be welcome news).

Another related reminder, be absolutely sure that when you go to see a new health care practitoner, for hormonal balance or anything else, that you take with you a list of ALL prescription medications, hormones and supplements that you are taking. Do not rely on your memomy to just tell the doctor what you are taking, write it down and take it with you. I am amazed at the number of people who don't tell their doctor all of what they are taking, or stop taking medications and don't tell their doctors! Don't be one of them------to expect the best in medical care, you too need to give your best effort, and that includes sharing with your doctor everything that you are taking as medications/supplements.

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