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~Patch Adams~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Danish study: Hormone therapy increases risk of ovarian cancer

If you haven't heard this on the news, you have likely read it in a newspaper---a Danish study recently concluded that using HRT (hormone replacement therapy) raises the risk of ovarian cancer in women. An important note, none of the articles I have read make any distinction between synthetic hormones and bioidentical hormones---my guess is that all of the study participants who were on HRT were not hormonally balanced (in other words, not a balanced ratio of progesterone and estrogen). If bioidentical hormones were included in the study, trust me, the anti-BHRT brigade would be all over this story. Funny how none of the big drug companies who are making a ton of money off synthetic hormones are releasing any statements yet.

It should also be noted that the risk of ovarian cancer remained "low" --- one extra case of cancer for every 8300 women in the study who were taking hormones. As always, please discuss any concerns with your physician---and click here to read the entire article from CNN.

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