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~Patch Adams~

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Perimenopause: Signs and Solutions

<!--googleoff: anchor--> 1 2 3 next >> <!--googleon: anchor--> The average American woman enters menopause by age 51, but the hormone...

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  1. Menopause has its direct impact on women. It changes their behavior and creates some symptoms which are very uncomfortable to them. Hot flashes and dryness are very common when they face menopause. Recently it is found that women feel some unpleasant effects later if their packets at hormones are thrown away.

    Actually women are not free from absolute risk factors while taking hormone replacement therapy. Women want to have their hormone under control, but many women are successful to pass through menopause without any problem like dropping sweat from hot flashes. Some of them have felt more or less the same amount of discomfort. The common problems with menopause are hot flashes, night sweating, depression, vaginal dryness, insomnia, moodiness, heart palpitations, fear about memory losing etc. It is notable that women of age 30 to 40 are seen to have some of these problems.

    Many women are trying to treat it as a natural part of aging by using medication. But they are still in confusion about their future. However they need to maintain some rules. They must be careful about doing physical exercise, learn about the ways to reduce to stress etc. These would help them to suffer less. Why should they suffer anymore because of their ignorance? Nowadays many facilities to remove symptoms have been discovered. They can accept any way, but the notable thing is that, they must do physical exercise, eat healthy foods regularly that may be small in a amount, drinking a lot of water. These things must not be avoided.

    Women prefer to take estrogen and progesterone. Actually these things are used when women have little of them. Many doctors are suggesting using progesterone as creams. The body absorbs this cream and lets it to mix with the blood stream. But these hormones should be taken within some limitation. Taking too much is risky.

    Menopause Acupressure is another way that women are trying to remove symptoms. It has no side effect. Actually this works by using fingers. Some parts of the body are pressed by fingers. It can help to increase metabolism, fight fatigue etc. It does great against hot flash problems.

    Natural treatment is very effective. Nature has also provided hormones for them. Black Cohosh, Licorice root and fever few etc are very effective against these problems. Natural remedies are the best solution but some of them should be used with great cautions. Especially pregnant women, they should consult with a doctor before using these.

    There is no confusion to state that hormones should be used with care as it works for a blessing. But using it as harmful is not expected. Hormones may be bio-identical or not, that is not a factor. Women must take them in appropriate ways. Nowadays many healthcare providers are available for discussion about women’s concern regarding these problems, though some of healthcare providers do not have proper knowledge about herbal and nutritional preparations. The best way is to understand these things seriously and always work to find pleasure from it.