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~Patch Adams~

Monday, October 4, 2010

Suzanne Somers Breakthrough Tour

Good afternoon, everyone! I went to the movies (Social Network---exccellent film and I recommend it) with three friends yesterday afternoon. As the theater darkened I settled back for movie previews-----and Suzanne Somers popped up on the screen! I immediately leaned forward to focus, and it was just a hoot, the three friends immediately turned to me and started laughing ----- being friends with me often means learning more about bioidentical hormones than they might want to know! Anyway, Ms. Somers was announcing that she is bringing her Breakthrough Tour (which is a live show she has been doing in the US and Canada for about the past year) to movie theaters ---- she will be doing a live show and it will be beamed to theaters all over the country.

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while know that I have somewhat conflicted feelings about Suzanne Somers. I think some of her ideas are kind of whacky. On TV when she is talking about bioidentical hormones, supplements (I can still picture her lining up 60 vitamin pills on her kitchen counter to swallow every morning), etc. she sometimes comes across as a zealot and a fanatic ------ and I have seen her be dismissive and disrespectful of those who don't fall in line with every one of her opinions. Ms. Somers acts like the entire medical community is against bioidenticals, and that simply is not true----there still aren't enough doctors out there who are willing to be open minded enough to know that there are better ways to deal with menopause and aging than a handful of pills, but it's slowly getting better and that needs to be supported and celebrated. She also needs to do a better job of getting to the nuts and bolts of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women of modest means----I get the sense that she doesn't fully grasp that most women are on a limited budget and can't run from doctor to doctor. I've had more than one woman tell me that she acts like you aren't trying hard enough to improve your health if you don't follow all Ms. Somers' edicts.

That being said, I respect her passion for this issue, and the truth of the matter is --- a lot of women are going to listen to a celebrity talk about bioidentical hormone replacement than a physician. She has brought what I consider to be one of the greatest protocols in healthcare today to the forefront, she has started and kept up the debate, she has educated women that menopause can be a wonderful, healthy time of your life. I have no small amount of admiration for her, and I hope to get to meet her someday.

The theater broadcast for her live presentation is November 4 and November 9 (the 11/9 broadcast will be in limited release). Here is the link for more information ---- when I checked it just a minute ago, ticket prices were not listed, but I am guessing it will be about $20-$25. I plan to go ------ and take notes, which of course I will share with my blog readers.

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  1. I hope to attend too! I feel the same as you about Ms.Sommers but her books guided me to a Dr. who understood me and didn't think I was crazy!