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~Patch Adams~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Survey reveals impact of insomnia during menopause

Hi everyone, I am back from my day at the NC State Fair (pictures later!) We had a wonderful time, I ate too much, so now it's back to daily workouts (and my blog!)

Next to hot flashes, the most common complaints I hear from women in peri/menopausal transition is "I can't sleep", "I'm exhausted", "I'm so tired I can't stand it". I remember saying all those things to my doctors before I got my hormones balanced. Getting on bioidentical hormones (along with melatonin and regular exercise) has improved my sleep greatly, although I still do have a little issue with it because of chronic pain in my back.

This morning's article is from News-Medical.net -----and there are a couple things I want you to take away from it. The study talked about in the article reveals that well over half of the women polled had not talked to their doctor about sleep issues in menopause, and that of the women who had talked to their doctors, over 90 percent of the time it was the patient who initiated the conversation about sleep issues with their physician. First of all, since sleep issues are such a common problem for women at this stage of their lives, doctors need to be more proactive in asking patients about their sleep, and secondly ------ don't be afraid to bring up any health concern with your doctor! If he/she tries to blow you off, stop them, stand in front of the treatment room door to bar them from leaving if you have to (I actually had a patient tell me a few months ago that she did this---good for her!) You know if you don't sleep well, it affects every aspect of your life ----- partner relationships, your ability to deal with your children, coworkers, friends. It's a health issue and a safety issue----far too many people in this country drive when they are sleep deprived (I so often have women tell me that as they reach peri/menopause, they have to stop at Starbucks on the way home from the office just so they are alert enough to drive---that scares me more than I can tell you!)

Speaking of sleep---although I rarely do this, I might get in a quick nap this afternoon, I was so wound up last night after a long day that I didn't fall asleep until after 1 am, and I was up at 7 to limber up enough to go work out. Yawn----yep, tiny little power nap after lunch and I will be good to go. Make it a great day, everyone!

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