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~Patch Adams~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hormone replacement not option for woman experiencing hot flashes

It's a good thing I take progesterone (keeps me calm) because reading this article from the Hattiesburgamerican.com website has got to be one of the most factually incorrect, ignorant statements by a doctor regarding bioidentical hormone therapy. It's so stupid it would be funny---except a lot of women may read it and believe it. As soon as I finish this post, I plan to write a comment to the paper. Deep breath, calm down.

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  1. As a BHRT practitioner, I feel the same. It is so ignorant that it is funny, but unfortunate women read this and think it is factual because it came from this column. It is obvious he has not read any research since he was in residency. I would sent it to him but I doubt he would read it. The last time he took a shot at saliva testing in his op ed piece I wrote a rebuttal and they didn't print it even after I called the editor. I won't waste my time with him again besides he is likely to retire in a few years and then perhaps we will get someone who isn't so out of touch(I sent him 1 inch thick packet of research and he never called me about it).
    Rebecca Boyd, DO, MPH, continuing fellowship in anti-aging medicine