"Treat the disease, you win some, you lose some. Treat the patient, you always win."
~Patch Adams~

Monday, March 29, 2010

Why am I so tired all the time?

Adrenal fatigue is getting a lot of press lately. I found this article on the LakeCountryNewsSun.com website -- it has some good basic information on the condition. If you want a good book on adrenal fatigue, I recommend Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue: 21st Century Syndrome (I just checked Amazon.com and it's currently unavailable---I'm going to check into why and get back to you on this one!)

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  1. I finally feel great after being fully treated for adrenal fatigue. First, DHEA was added to my compounded hormone replacement. It tested very low on my saliva tests. And even though my cortisol levels were low too, my endocrinologist and NP would not consider adding Cortef. My new health care provider just added a small amount of bioidentical cortisol and a little more Cytomel (which is a T3 for thyroid). At last I have energy all day long with a wonderful sense of well being. Please note that this article specifically recommends against DHEA and cortisol supplementation. Happy Spring! from K in Va