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~Patch Adams~

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Resource for information on BHRT

I just got a nice email from Justin, who is a Pharmacist for Kohll's Pharmacy in Omaha, NE. I went on their site, on the home page there is an area that says Bioidentical Hormones, click on it and it will take you to several other pages with information and explanations about a number of different hormones. Also, remember I told you that a compounding pharmacy is always a great place to call for physician referrals, so if you are in the Omaha area, give them a call, and if not, still check out their website for some great information. The pharmacy is licensed in every state, so they can do mail order, which for many is a big help, especially if you live far away from a local source. Thanks, Justin, for contacting me!

On another note, I just checked the Dr. Phil website (Google it) and there are already comments about the show on hormones, and the show doesn't even air until tomorrow. You have to read the one from someone who thinks women are just overdramatizing their menopausal symptoms, it's the funniest thing I've seen so far this week! I have already written and submitted one very long, detailed post about my experiences with BHRT, and I have asked the show for clarification about posting an email address for viewers to contact me. I forgot to copy what I wrote so I could cross post it here (brain blip), but as soon as it appears on the Dr. Phil site I will put it here so you all (or as we say, y'all) can read it. Have a great evening!

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