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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dr. Phil's Show on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

This is a somewhat modified and edited version of what I emailed to my doctor right after the show, to say I was disappointed in how the subject was presented would be an understatement:

The show presented women who were "suffering" and were "saved" by Robin taking them to her physician, Prudence Hall of the Hall Center in Santa Monica After seeing tapes of the women draped on their couches, sticking their heads in the freezer, sighing deeply, and tossing and turning in bed (because they couldn't sleep) Dr. Hall told them how off their hormones were. In the next shot, the women were introduced to come out on the stage, they hugged Dr. Phil and Robin, and gushed and told them how Robin's book "saved their lives", Dr. Phil spoke to their husbands in the audience about how it must be wonderful to "have their old wives back" (wink, wink).

Only a couple passing mentions were made to thyroid levels (one segment was about thyroid cancer), and I will guarantee you that those message boards for the Dr. Phil show are going to light up with women having questions and complaints about how nothing was covered on how to find a doctor who specializes in BHRT, what does it cost (if I were watching this for the first time, I would immediately assume only wealthy women could afford this, unless Robin "saved them" and took them by the hand to her own doctor). I'm going back on the boards and politely politely tell women that BHRT is something that, with some careful budgeting, most women can afford.

They wasted time right off the bat going on about how when Robin entered Menopause she called her husband and children together to explain to them "what Mom was going through" and to make it "a family affair". Oh, for heaven's sake, give me a break. Even when they did get to the symptoms, it was what most women already know (if they're living on this planet, anyway): the mood swings, hot flashes, disrupted sleep, tiredness, irritability.

Of course, when they got to the testosterone for women, Robin had to inject on how it made your hair and skin so much better-----it does, but that's not why I am taking it----it's helped tremendously to build muscle tissue in my back.

They did one segment on "the male menopause" and not once did they call it by it's proper medical term of andropause.

In every segment, no matter what the subject, they show shots of Robin posing for pictures of her book, time wasted that I think could have been used in much better ways.

It gets better----near the end of the show, they had a woman DOCTOR (ER physician) sitting next to Robin, telling her how she had NEVER heard of bioidentical hormones, nor had she ever heard of a compounding pharmacy, until she saw Robin appearing on Ophah, and how it was a perfect example of "how even a doctor can learn from you". The doctor called her ob/gyn for the bioidenticals, started taking them (didn't say what and in what doses), and had bad side effects, so now she has gone back to synthetics. Robin and Dr. Phil to the rescue again, Robin is taking the doctor (her name is Natalie) to Dr. Hall's Center-------I smell a follow up show coming soon.

The last segment just about threw me over the edge, it was Robin telling women about "taking care of themselves", including "always having a pair of lightweight pajamas on hand for those night sweats". She then (to much wild applause) told everyone in the audience they were getting a free pair of her favourite cotton pjs. Next, her "little bedtime ritual" always includes a cup of hot tea----and everyone gets a free box of "Sleepytime" tea (more applause). Oh, it gets better, everyone got a free portable fan, and a free copy of Robin's book "What's Age got to do with it?"

There was so much NOT covered in this show that it would take me all day to write about it. I will be back with another post soon!


  1. How do I find a doctor in my area that will do these kinds of tests? Also, what kind of cost are we talking about? I know every person is diffrent and will be on diffrent medicine but I'm curious so no one takes me to the bank. Can you post anything like this so we have a guide to go by. I live 30 miles East of Dallas Texas and can't find anything on the internet.

  2. I agree. The show left you dangling. I live on the East Coast, any information on how to pursue bHRT would have been appreciated. I feel as though the show was all about making Robin and the Hall Center some money. Very disappointing. I think I will just go back to my couch and cry until I feel better.

  3. I also agree, where do you find a honest Dr.
    I am very interested in finding one in South Florida, if anyone knows?

  4. There is a compounding pharmacy in Colorado Springs, CO who specializes in Bioidentical Hormones. They have a "Find a Doctor" service where they can locate a doctor in your area who prescribes BHRT. Their website is www.collegepharmacy.com or you can call 800-888-9358 ext 148

  5. My name is Dr. Brady and have been helping many patients using my Bio-HRT techniques. We help Fibromyalgia sufferers through adrenal support and Hormone support naturally. Please check out www.stopfibro.com to find out more. you can always call me at 916-834-2227 cell.
    We can do all the tx via phone, email and fax. All tx can be done without leaving your home.


    Dr. Brady

  6. Oh, I wish I had seen this show. Sounds really like it was all about Robin!

  7. The Hall Center sucks. I spent close to a thousand dollars. Felt great for awhile . Started feeling bad again.. blood tests revealed very high Estradiol. They overdosed me on Estradiol making me sick. Tried to get help but they will not return your phone calls, e-mails or faxes in a timely manner. Two weeks to respond to e-mails. A phone call will cost you $100.00 .They are too busy... It will take 3 months to get your follow-up appointment. If they don't get it right the first time with you good luck with proper follow-up unless you know Robin.

  8. I was really surprised by this show. It was like an informercial, with the before and after and how this changed everyone's life, etc. The only clinic mentioned was Dr. Hall's, and I believe she was the only doctor consulted for all these people, too. I used to trust Dr. Phil's program, but this was a bunch of product placements - the clinic, the pj's, the tea; it kinda felt like a medical version of The Price is Right. Then I googled bioidentical hormones and found out they're not even FDA-regulated. I'm disappointed by this flagrant display of profit-taking.

    1. Dr Hall is a gem. She saved my life. Her staff at the Hall center are disorganized and one has to constantly remind them and follow up to be sure they get it right. It is frustrating but done right BHRT is safe and brings dramatic results. I was bed-ridden when I went to see her. I had ben seeing a number of specialists for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and their treatments just made me feel worse and weaker to the point that getting out of the bed was a big chore. I highly recommend Dr Hall but be ready to to deal with her almost incompetent office staff.

  9. They are using menopause to make money and because you cannot patent bioidenticials they are trying to upsell the services.

    You can do you own saliva tests and if it is something as simple as low progesterone which often it is you can treat yourself.
    Dr. John Lee's book on hormones is a must read.

  10. My name is Tiffani Schilling, I'm a pharmacist and an herbalist. I have been helping many patients using my Bio-HRT techniques as well as teaching doctors how to use Bio-HRT. We also help Fibromyalgia sufferers and patients with other chronic diseases and auto-immune issues through adrenal support and Hormone support naturally. Please check out www.theherbwoman.com to find out more. you can always call me at 719-930-1829 cell.
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    I work with various compounding pharmacies that create a variety of Bio-HRT products to fit your needs.

    Yours in Health,

    Dr. Tiffani Schilling, Pharm.D/Herbalist

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  12. I used Dr Michael Augustino for hormone pellet therapy. He has 2 offices in South Florida. He is an ob/gyn. He is a wonderful doctor. I have been going to him for many years. Now that I am in menopause he suggested this hormone pellet therapy. I feel great now. My headaches are gone, no more night sweats, I have tons of energy and just feel happier.

  13. I must say that the show on Bioidentical Hormones was the best. I did some research on it and then went to Dr. Michael Augustino in Broward County (Pembroke Pines) to be exact. After I had them inserted, since I am at the menopause stage of my life, I have been feeling like I am 30 again, I have more energy and my hot flahes are gone. I also have an increased sex drive which I was embarrased to talk about before.Now my husband and I hardly see any daylight.... Love it and so does he.. Don't suffer anymore there is help out there.... Thank you Dr M. Augustino, I always did trust you..

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  19. I started bio-identical hormone pellets with a local specialist at the end of Oct 2012. I had just gone into menopause. The fee was $695 for the initial consult (which was fine). I was initially told $160 for the initial blood test. I asked if there were any other fees. Once I got in they said I needed to get another blood test in three weeks. The actual cost of the blood test was $182 x 2. The initial treatment lasted about six weeks [when it was supposed to last 3-4 months]. I was initially told that the consult included a followup and adjustment. BUT when I got there I was told the adjustment was $345 [for an initial treatment that faded out in six weeks]. Now I'm going back next week for my next round and hopefully it will last longer...that is $395. You have to get one bottle of compounded progesterone once a month [never mentioned at the initial consult]. Most insurance plans don't cover it. Mine does for now so its $27 but without insurance its $80. I also had to get some estrogen cream through a mail order pharmacy. That was $29 without insurance [and that worked really well]. Its hard to believe they are taking advantage of women with these prices. If I had the time/money I would start a non-profit, try to get some big funding, and offer this service to EVERY WOMAN for as cheap as possible. The fact that this is not a free service provided by health organizations just means its a form of population control. I was thinking of writing Michelle Obama about it. I like the results when its working..but it seems to wear off quickly. Hopefully the next round will be better and last longer.

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