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Friday, April 24, 2009

My Most Recent Post on The Dr. Phil Website-----

(and I'm venting a bit here, honestly, I think some of the viewers who posted did not even take a few minutes to look at some of the other posts to see if there might be answers to their questions!----My special thanks to the Las Colinas Pharmacy in Dallas for backing me up on the message boards that people need to do a little research to see if their question had already been answered.)

Many of the viewers of Tuesday's show are wondering how to find a practitioner in their area who incorporates the use of bioidentical hormones into his/her practice. Here are a couple ideas:

Type into your Internet search engine COMPOUNDING PHARMACY and the name of the town where you live, or for those of you who live in small town areas, you might have better luck with the closest large city. Usually more than one name and phone number will come up. Call one or two of the pharmacies and ask them for the names of some doctors in your area who prescribe BHRT. Since all bioidentical hormones are made at compounding pharmacies, they know who prescribes and who doesn't.

Do an Internet search for the Natural Woman Institute, and when you get to their web page, at the top there are links to click to both email the Institute to get a list of doctors in your area, and a separate click will take you to a large list of compounding pharmacies listed state by state.

Womens Health America (Google it) also has a referral list of doctors, and they also have a great number of learning resources on their web page, and additionally, they have discussion boards where you can get help and support.

Please feel free to email me if I can be of further assistance (click on the picture to get my email address). If you are looking for a doctor in Southern CA, I can help with that too, and I know of some names in the Charlotte, NC area. Without a doubt BHRT saved my life, and I am happy to share any information I can with those of you who wish to learn more about BHRT and how it can drastically improve your health. Best wishes for your hormonal health!

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