"Treat the disease, you win some, you lose some. Treat the patient, you always win."
~Patch Adams~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Breastfeeding appears to reduce risk of breast cancer among women with family history

Good news for those of you who breastfed your child(ren)-----today's article is from The Medical News. This is apparently quite a big story, my newsfeeds are bombarded today.

It's very hot here in Charlotte today (and has been for a few days) so be absolutely sure you are staying hydrated! If you are feeling thirsty, you are already a little dehydrated so get that water bottle, fill it and drink, drink, drink! Now, my personal recommendation would also be to stay in with the air conditioning and knit (many of you who read my other blog Needle Notes know I am a voracious knitter)----or reading a nice light novel works too. After lunch I am going to get in a water workout in our condo pool, then take a break and catch up on emails (it was great to hear from so many of you new blog readers after yesterday's The Doctors TV show!). Stay cool, everyone!

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