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~Patch Adams~

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How Long Does it Take For BHRT to Start Working?

It's funny how I get spurts of a same/similar question from women who write to me---lately it's been from women who ask me how long does it take for BHRT to start working? A few have already started BHRT, but are not feeling much effect after a couple weeks. While my own experience was that I started feeling better on the progesterone cream within about 4 days (my energy level shot up so much I think my friends were wondering what was going on----I didn't tell anyone about going on bioidenticals for several weeks), it's important to note that EVERY WOMAN IS DIFFERENT.......it may take a little longer for some women to absorb the hormones into their system. Additionally (and I know it's hard to wait when you feel so lousy and you want desperately to feel better-----truly, I've been there!), your hormone dosages may need a bit of tweaking after some time-----I was really lucky, we haven't had to make many changes at all to my protocol, but then again my doctor knew me really well, symptoms, how I responded to meds, etc, which I am convinced makes a difference. I know many of you are seeing new doctors for BHRT. I found this article from HaberPro, and it discusses bioidentical hormones and how long you can expect it to take before you feel the effects. Patience, ladies, hang in there---it is possible to feel good and I am living proof!!!!

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