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~Patch Adams~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

THIS is why I encourage you to check out any new doctor!

Reading this just makes me crazy (crazier). First, check out this article from June 9 in the Orange Country Register about "Dr." Daryn Peterson. Oh, it gets better....now read this article dated September 24 from the same newspaper (by the way Orange County Register, great research department----you didn't even check out if this guy had a real medical license???? My blog readers are way ahead of you on this one).

You absolutely have to check out a doctor's status with his state medical board. One of the "well known" doctors in Southern CA has big problems with the CA medical board (hint: he wrote a book) is practicing under tight restrictions that, if not met, will result in the loss of his license. I am also a big believer in going to a doctor who is board certified, and board certified in a specialty relevant to dealing with hormonal imbalance. My own physician is a board certified Internal Medicine specialist, but there are also OB/GYN's, endocrinologists, and a couple other specialties out there who are practicing incorporating BHRT into their medical care. There are other board certified physicians who are board certified in things like opthamology, dermatology, psychiatry, etc. who may be very good, or who may be just trying to make quick money from women who are desperate to feel good. You need to ask some very hard questions of any new doctor.

I have a whole list of resources to help you find a new doctor/compounding pharmacy if you wish to pursue bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Drop me an email and I will get the list to you. Have a great, safe Sunday everyone!

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